Coming soon!

Win Condition (2021)  (Postmortem)

Puzzle card game made for the 2021 GMTK Game Jam
Implementation using: Unity, Wwise

Coming soon!

Sovereign Syndicate (tba)

Story-Driven Isometric RPG
Sound / Implementation / Music
Implementation using: Unity, FMOD

Under the stars

Under The Stars (2021)

Casual Storytelling & Puzzle
Music / Sound / Implementation / Game Design
Implementation using: Godot, Wwise

Coming soon!

Unannounced (2022)

FPS Survival Space Horror
Music / Sound / Implementation
Implementation using: Unreal Engine, Wwise

Coming soon!

Search In Glacies (2020)

Game Jam Platformer
Music / Sound Design


Skywind (TBA)

Community Morrowind Remaster
Sound Design

Coming soon!

Rithmy (2020)

Game Jam Rhythm Game
Music / Sound Design