audio is 50% of your game.

Let's make it great


With an extensive background managing large-scale projects, you can always expect to receive a structured approach to your game's audio, something which is indispensible in production.
Read on to find out more about the specifics of working together, licensing, estimated cost and anything else you might like to know!

Isaac Otway
President, Crimson Herring Studios Inc.

"Ray has been instrumental in the completion of our prototype and continuing development of our game. He is our audio lead, handling music composition, sound effects, and implementation in FMOD for Unity and I couldn't be happier with the quality of the work, his organization and attention to detail, and his on time and on budget service delivery. I look forward to continuing to work with him to see our project through to completion."


Ultimately, your sound design needs to answer a few key questions: how should objects feel in the context of your game world? What are their properties? What is their relative importance in the mix?

Once we define your game's soundscape, we'll set a clear deliverables timetable and you can count on clear, regular feedback.


Using inspiration from your game and your artistic direction, get custom, fully-interactive music which not only sounds good, but which helps convey an experience.

Use carefully-crafted transitions and looping as well as horizontal & vertical layering to deliver an improved experience for your players.


In addition to providing audio assets, I will prepare and test their interactivity using FMOD or Wwise. That way, you can plug and play while resting assured that your entire audio pipeline is in good hands. Save yourself valuable development time and harness the potential of these powerful tools.

  • Layered music and sounds with fine-tuned transition regions
  • "Living" ambiences including spatially-randomized or defined scattershot effects
  • Fluid communication with the game engine to control parameter-based behaviors such as mixbus snapshots, creative sidechaining/triggering and reverb zones