Music Composition

Interactive & genre-spanning music based on your creative and technical needs

Sound Design / SFX

Sounds tailored to your game's atmosphere to shape your sonic environment


Save programming hours and make your audio more dynamic with middleware


Lil' Ray gaming it up Old-time Rock & Roll

With a background in project management and M&A, I bring a structured approach and love for spreadsheets to my creative work. Over time, my lifelong musical hobby turned into a passion, and then a professional interest in music and sound for games. 

I decided to supplement practice and self-study with a formal program and graduated from Berklee's online Game Audio Design and Production Professional Certificate program in 2020. There I learned to not only create but to implement interactive music and designed sound effects using FMOD and Wwise.

For a long time, I thought video games were something to be grown out of. Luckily, this never happened and a wide range of consoles and genres have brought me thousands of hours of fun throughout the years.

My favorite soundtracks include Binding of Isaac, Hotline Miami, Banjo Kazooie, Super Hexagon, The Last of Us, Celeste and Ocarina of Time.


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Skywind (Current)

Sound Design
Search in Glacies | notGDC Game Jam 2020

Search in Glacies - notGDC Jam 2020

Music / Sound Design
Rithmy | GGJ 2020

Rithmy - global Game Jam 2020

Music / Sound Design